Green Roofing

The Quality Green Roofing Solutions You’ve Not Yet Found in Miami, FL

In addition to playing a huge role in protecting a building’s occupants and property from the elements, a roof goes a long way in serving as part of your property’s exterior aesthetic appeal. There are obviously many different types of roofing systems to choose from, including flat roofs, slope roofs, metal roofs, shingle roofs, and tile roofs, among others.

Each of these, however, has different performance ratings when it comes to eco-friendliness. If you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly roofing solution for your residential or commercial property in Miami and its environs within Florida, Trusted Miami Roofing Repair is your go-to roofing contractor for Green Roofing.

What is Green Roofing?

Also known as a living roof, a green roof is a roofing system in which the entire structure or parts of the roof are covered with live plants or vegetation. In most cases, these plants are grown on a growing medium over a waterproofing membrane.

This is why you will sometimes hear of green roof waterproofing. Some green roofing systems also include layers such as root barriers, drainage, and irrigation systems. With proper designing, installation, and maintenance, green roofs provide a stable ecosystem that can benefit property owners in many different ways.

Benefits of Green Roofs

One of the main benefits of green roofing is that they can significantly bring your energy costs down while extending the lifetime of your conventional roof twofold. Additionally, green roofs can be installed on both sloped and flat roofing systems. Green roofs also enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal, while providing insulation, thus and increasing indoor comfort. They are also considered highly effective in improving air quality near where they are installed.

As an insulation material, green roofs are also effective in reducing noises from the roofing systems. They are also recyclable, hence highly environmentally friendly. When well maintained, green roofing systems are highly durable and provide additional fireproof characteristics on your property.

Professional Miami Green Roofing Contractors

Trusted Miami Roofing Repair is your experienced, professional roofing contractor that you can proudly depend on for green roofing and other roofing solutions you might need for your residential or business property. Our team of expert technicians consists of well-trained and highly skilled professionals that you can trust for quick, efficient and affordable roofing services without any compromise on service quality.

Whatever the size of your green roofing project, specific needs, or budget, you can rest assured that we’ve got the solutions that will meet your desires at Trusted Miami Roof Repair. All you need is to talk to us and let us assist you to transform your commercial or residential building into one that is more environmentally friendly.

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